The Institute for the studies of Communist Crimes and Consequences has signed an agreement with the Ministry of Sport and Education which provides the involvement and cooperation of the two Institutes in the products of ISKK , its publishing and research of the communist era that has to be connected to the Educational System. This agreement that was signed on October 21st 2014 by the Executive Director of ISKK Mr. Agron Tufa and the General Secretary of the Ministry Mr. Plarent Ndreca opens a new mission in realizing a common 5 year platform to act and cooperate in writing curriculums and school programs , correcting an enriching the school literature on these subjects. Also we will try to realize new method that will accompany this important process and also creating a new base of information for research scholars to achieve common activities that define sensitive awareness . This cooperation that was initiated by the Institute for the Studies of Communist Crimes and Consequences, because it has been proved to work in the past by the same counterpart Institutes in all European Countries that have experienced Communism like Albania.
Agreement between ISKK and the Ministry of Sport and Education