Roland Jahn, the Federal Commissioner for the Stasi Files in the ex-Democratic Republic of Germany (East Germany) alongside with Johannes Selle member of the German Bundestag (CDU) visited Albania and had a meeting with the directors and researchers of ISKK. Several matters were discussed such as the mission and work of the Institute and of course the topic was the delicate issue of the Secret Files of the ex-State Security during Communist Albania. We informed Mr. Jahn of our work in informing the public opinion for the crimes that occurred in Albania during this period and our struggle to condemn the Albanian criminal individuals during communism that are worshiped in our days as well. Also, we informed Mr. Jahn of the problems that we encounter in all of our work. Mr. Rolan Jahn shared with us the German experience dealing with the secret files and the Lustracion law because it is a very sensitive matter nowadays in Albania.