Instituti i Studimeve të Krimeve dhe Pasojave të Komunzimit, nisi projektin pilot të programit për informimin e nxënësve të gjimnazeve të Tiranës me të kaluarën komuniste me gjimnazin Ismail Qemali

The Institute for the Studies of Communist Crimes and Consequences began its pilot program of remembrance on all high schools of the city of Tirana.
The program consists of informing all the students with the truth about the communist past in Albania. Next year the program will continue its course through all the schools of Albania, with the purpose to inform the public opinion about the crimes committed by the communist and for the consequences that we still have today as a society. The program will inform the students only through facts which will be explained by our researchers.
As an agreement with the Ministry of Education and Sport, this will be only one small step in the general strategy to inform all Albanians about their past.